Posted by: Henry J | September 7, 2012

What a Wonderful World!

Today may be our last day of summer weather for 2012 so I set out this morning on my bicycle for a ride around the neighborhood that I’ve called home for most of my years. It rained yesterday, a welcome rain, and this morning a gentle fog covered the neighborhood.

As the sun melted the fog, I set off on my ride to find the sun filtering through the green canopy of trees growing deep in this world’s largest deciduous forest, it’s rays glistening in the remaining water droplets suspended in the morning air.

I reached out to touch them, but they only existed in my mind, light reflected on a fine mist, fleeting and fragile, passing quickly into memory. Alas, I did not have my camera with me or I could have captured that light and held it captive, at least for a time.

I’m amazed that I see something new, different and wonderful every time I ride, even in such a familiar place. I always feel closer to God as I marvel in awe at this wonderful creation He gave us to live in. I’m reminded that He gave us everything we need in abundance – air, water, food, sunshine and love. What a wonderful world!


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